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Hello! I'm Winnie

 I was born with creativity and already skillfully assembling Christmas centerpieces in kindergarten. Drawing and crafting all kinds of things. The more grown-up crafts and everything to do with papercrafting I explored later.

I like all kinds of techniques and like to experiment with colors and adjusting patterns to my liking. Working on creative projects and finishing them comes and goes by the hustle and bustle of work and my family. Don't expect weekly updates though, because I often lag a bit behind keeping my blog and Handmade by Winnie socials up to date with the latest projects. That's what you get when your work is also your hobby.

Working in the Crafting business of my mother-in-law for almost 10 years now has made me involved in the development of crafting products and the composition of cardmaking collections as well. The communication and marketing of the brand through social media and product development are a large part of my daily work. For example, the hands you see in the YouTube videos of Marianne Design are mine.

On this blog I share everything I make and create. From home decorations and interior ideas to greeting cards for all occasions. I hope to inspire you to be creative as well, even though your life can be busy sometimes, and show you it doesn't take much to create something fun.

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  1. Jammer dat het patroon van het stokpaardje niet meer werkt ..
    Ik vind deze mooier dan die ik nu nog online kan vinden ..